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  • Tue, Dec 10
    Have a direct impact on vulnerable women and children in Bolivia by supporting our partner, Pintar en Bolivia at this Fundraising Celebration in Amsterdam. Come be inspired by our storytellers!
  • Wed, Nov 27
    In het Koorenhuis
    ArtherapyHQ Experiences are designed to inspire women and to build lasting memories. By combining movement techniques derived from modern dance and performance theatre, this Experience will remind you about the importance of physical connections. You will learn to fall and to get back up again.
  • Sat, Sep 28
    Join us for the launch of the ArtherapyHQ Experience in Amsterdam. We will share various artistic modes of expression in order to empower you to find your voice with modern methods.
  • Wed, Sep 18
    Deloitte Amsterdam
    Be inspired by the founding story of ArtherapyHQ and learn helpful storytelling techniques. Find your purpose and share it with our community.
  • Thu, Sep 27
    Spring House
    Our founder, Nalani Kopp, will serve as the voice of your employees on the Executive Panel for HR Tech Startups. She will provide feedback on startup pitches in relation to employee experience and her history as the Head of HR for a NYC startup.
  • Wed, Aug 09
    Want to work on your personal brand story? Visit our founder, Nalani Kopp, at the Tech Inclusion Conference in NYC to receive guidance on how to develop it and to propel your career.
  • Thu, Jun 30
    Google for Entrepreneurs
    Diversity needs to be considered while hiring in the tech community - you hear it all of the time - but how tactically does a team hire without minority candidates auto selecting out? This talk explores the necessary measures you can take to ensure balanced hiring.