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As a teenager, discovering my own womanhood in South Africa, I was struck by how privileged I was compared to women of other sexualities and ethnicities. There, black lesbians are systematically at-risk of being ‘correctively’ raped into heterosexuality. This particular brand of hetero-normative hate occurs almost nowhere else in the world, but like all rape, perpetrators persistently get away with it. Alongside my high school thesis on this twisted topic, I made this painting in my art class. The feelings of cultural oppression and the constant war for self-acceptance that inflict silence and isolation, are feelings that I gathered from the stories of survivors, which I tried to make seen in the eyes of the woman in this painting.

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Laura Eline Goldberg is an Artist and Tattoo Artist. She aspires one day to be an Art Therapist and currently holds a  Master's Degree in Psychology. She comes from South Africa and currently lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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