Breaking Up With Tinder

I’m sorry, Tinder, but we need to break up

You have filled loneliness in international cities

And we have had a lot of firsts

But the reality is you don’t fill my needs

My life is like a romantic comedy

And the moments you construct are limited

You provide a sea of possibility

But the reality is your waters are too vast

I don’t think our expectations match

You are looking for a quick fix or late night rendezvous

I am looking for a life partner

Someone I can invest time in and cherish

The reality is, Tinder, I would rather be alone

My love is more complex than your algorithm

Which is broken by human nature

And I would rather let the right one in

Tinder, it is not easy to say goodbye

Because you have woven your way into my life moments

You filled boredom with swiping left

And you created momentary fulfillment upon a match

I just can’t, Tinder, you change your mind

You say you like me, but you never write

You say you are looking for more, but it’s just in my bed

You are deceiving, and I have remembered my value

I have already moved on, Tinder

You might be sad, or worse never notice

But the reality is life is so much more free without you

I’m sorry, but I can’t be friends with you

So farewell, Tinder, I won’t waste anymore of your time

And you certainly will not have hold of mine

Because at the end, you used me and I used you

So let’s just leave the act of using behind.

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